Magic Desktop

Magic Desktop 5.1.4

A newly customized desktop in under five minutes!


  • Includes themes, wallpapers, cursors and icons
  • Downloads and installs everything for you
  • Lets you create personal packs
  • Offers a preview


  • Downloads sometimes take a while
  • Automatic system restart after installation

Very good

Magic Desktop makes desktop customization easy as pie. Not only does it bring you loads of new material to customize your computer – wallpapers, themes, icons and more – but also lets you install them in one mouse click.

The data in Magic Desktop is not really included in the program, but downloaded from the Internet. The download can take a while depending on your connection and also on the number of items you’ve selected, and can sometimes delay the program’s startup. Also, bear in mind that the program will automatically restart your computer upon installation – no option for a later restart.

In general terms, Magic Desktop is very easy to use. All you need to do is select whatever you want to install – a theme, a wallpaper, a new set of icons - and the program will download and install them in a few minutes.

Besides customizing your desktop, Magic Desktop also lets you create special personal packs (called “suits”) by combining the different icons, cursors, themes and wallpapers included in the program.

With Magic Desktop you can easily customize your Windows desktop in just a few minutes with new wallpapers, themes and more.

Magic Desktop


Magic Desktop 5.1.4

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  • by Anonymous

    its fantastic....
    i had downloaded the yheme n it was fab..i enjoyed the themem n really want to download some m...   More